Sysomos Saw an Opportunity to Transform Their Health Benefits Experience

After having multiple employees bring up League to him in the office, Omer Aziz, SVP of Human Resources at Sysomos decided it was time for a closer look. What he found in League was a company that was optimizing both what he calls the “peace of mind” of health benefits and also adding a new emphasis on preventative health and employee wellness. Since the switch, he’s gone from speaking to his benefits broker once a year to interacting with League on a regular basis. With League, Omer says he has found a responsive partner who shares his focus on doing what’s best for his employees. 

Searching for a health benefits partner that could provide both peace of mind and a commitment to employee wellness.  

Brian Ancell

President US, League

As the President of League’s US operations, Brian is leading the strategic development, market positioning and expansion of the business across the country. Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Consulting industries. 

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“What I like about League is that they’ve built wellness into the bedrock of their offering.”

Omer Aziz, SVP, Human Resources of Sysomos


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League Customer Success Story - Sysomos
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