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Health is more critical than ever.

You’re invited to participate in an exclusive program from League that’s available for OMERS pension plan members.  

League is a digital health benefits platform that gives you real-time health information including COVID-19 specific support. Chat directly with registered nurses for help with anything from finding a healthcare provider to seeking medical attention, support with COVID-19, understanding provincial coverage, managing stress, or making changes to improve your health and overall well-being. You can also access health programs, rewards challenges, and information about COVID-19 testing and diagnosis. Plus, you get free content, tools and resources for nutrition, fitness, mental and family health. 

League is your personal health platform to support yourself and your family during COVID-19 and beyond. Best of all, it’s free. To participate in this exclusive program, fill in the fields below. You’ll receive an email invitation with instructions to join League in the coming week. 

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