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Paul Teshima’s benefit broker told him that most companies only use 60% of their benefit spend. In Nudge’s case, they were using 70%. The broker seemed happy about this. But Paul definitely wasn’t impressed by his broker’s belief that it was “normal” for companies to waste 30-40% of their benefit spend on unused benefits. That 30% was too valuable to lose.

Modern benefits technology and a more effective use of their benefit spend.

Brian Ancell

President US, League

As the President of League’s US operations, Brian is leading the strategic development, market positioning and expansion of the business across the country. Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Consulting industries. 

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"Our broker explained that the average company is only using 60% of their benefit spend, meaning that you're leaving 40% on the table. That's right, 40%."

Paul Teshima,  CEO of


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