How League is Helping No Fixed Address build their Creative Culture   

When Dave Lafond began his search for a benefits provider he met with a lot of traditional companies, but their strict and confusing products reminded him of the big agency bureaucracy he was eager to leave behind. That’s why he found League so appealing. Just like how Dave wanted to start a different kind of ad agency, he liked how League was eager to disrupt the benefits industry. 

A mission to keep employees in an industry with some of the highest turnover rates.

Brian Ancell

President US, League

As the President of League’s US operations, Brian is leading the strategic development, market positioning and expansion of the business across the country. Brian has over 20 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Consulting industries. 

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“In our search for finding the right benefits provider for us, League was the only one in the game that was truly doing it differently.”

Dave Lafond, Co-founder of No Fixed Address


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