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See League’s spending accounts in action, and learn about the other services we offer to increase employee engagement in your workplace. 

Spending accounts are just the beginning as we cover the ins and outs of League’s Health & Lifestyle spending accounts, additional services offered and a seamless digital platform that ties it all together.

A Short, Illustrated Guide to League Spending Accounts   

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“We believe that employee benefits could be a whole lot better. In order for people to live healthy, happy lives, health benefits should be easy to understand and even easier to make use of. Moreover, the platform that you interact with to use the very services that keep you healthy should be effortless and, dare we say, enjoyable.” 

About League

League is reimagining employee health benefits by providing employers with spending accounts, group insurance plans and workplace health services—all delivered through the mobile app.

01     How League is reimagining benefits

02     Types of spending accounts we offer

03     Other services

04     Our digital platform

05     Success stories 

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