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Traditional insurance and spending accounts go head to head for our in-depth comparison that leaves no stone unturned.

What’s the difference between traditional benefits and spending accounts? What sort of business is better suited to one over the other? 

Find the answers to these questions and more in the first eBook of our 3-part series, designed to help you better understand and navigate the employee benefits landscape.

A Guide to Traditional Health Insurance vs. Spending Accounts  

From the book...

“More than ever companies are taking a different approach to benefits. Gone are the days of business-as-usual benefits. The health plans that you offer to employees can be used as a competitive edge, or be the source of much frustration.”

About League

League is reimagining employee health benefits by providing employers with spending accounts, group insurance plans and workplace health services—all delivered through a seamless mobile app.  

01     The current state of traditional insurance

02     Unique features of Spending Accounts

03     Key differences between the two

04     What businesses are best suited to each

05     How to know which one’s right for you

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