Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Legislation and the Workplace          


Wednesday, January 24 at 2PM EST 

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Lori Casselman

Chief Health Officer,


Join experts in the field as they discuss how to navigate Cannabis legislation and how it will impact your organization.

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  • The state of Cannabis legislation in Canada
  • Understanding medical vs recreational Cannabis
  • How to create a policy that protects you and your organization
  • Cannabis considerations with respect to your employee benefits plan

With cannabis legalization coming to Canada in July, there are several areas where HR leaders need to prepare in order to be ready to lead their organizations. 

If you’re like many HR leaders, you likely have more questions than answers about how this change is going to affect your organization. By taking the right action now you can ensure your organization will be prepared. 


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Mike Sullivan 

Chief Executive Officer,

Cubic Health

Jason Fleming

Director of HR,


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