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Are you asking the right questions to get the most out of your benefits package?

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With renewal season just around the corner, you may be thinking about your company’s benefits strategy — and let’s just say it, you’re probably dreading it.

Discover key topics and questions to ask your broker about so that you have your team covered in 2018.

01    What teams want in a modern benefits platform

02     How to get better value and ROI out of your current benefits spend

03    Ways your team can gain flexibility in the benefits you provide

04    Ways you can protect your team from preventable illness

05    How to utilize your benefits provider to help educate your team

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• Complete coverage for your team

• A plan that gives your employees the flexibility to spend on the health and dental services they really need.

• A better way to manage plan costs and reduce premium increases

• A new way to attract and retain top talent

• A way to help create a culture of health and wellness with the goal of engaging your team


Learn more about League and our innovative Health Spending Accounts. 

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Savvy employers have started to offer truly personalized benefits tailored to individual employee needs and workplace health. Find out if your broker has your teams best interests in mind.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

A Preview of what you'll learn

01    Why employee engagement is more important now than ever

02    The best ways to identify and measure employee engagement 

03    What factors drive employee engagement

04   How to give employees a voice, and approaches to collecting feedback

05    How the best companies improve engagement within their organization

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6 Things to Ask Your Broker Before Renewing  

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