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 Youth  Self-Care

The Children's Aid Foundation and health benefits provider League are hosting a fun, accessible and relaxing clinic-style health and wellness day for youth from care (ages 18 - 29) living in the GTA.

Licensed health and wellness providers will offer free:

- Registered massage therapy

- Dental consultation 

- Diet and nutrition counselling 

- Life coaching 

- Naturopathic doctor consultation

.. followed by a beginner's group yoga and meditation session for all! Join us to relax, treat yourself, and pursue your health goals.


Need a break? Relax and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, regaining your balance through meditation and finding your mental space. Your mental health is important.

Social Health

Don't overlook how much a sense of community and social development is important for your overall mental health.


Ever find yourself snacking on unhealthy foods when your stressed? Maintaining a healthy diet can be tough, but you don't have to do this alone. Here are my lessons learned in taking back control of my nutrition.

Physical Health

With regular exercise you can improve your overall health and wellness through team building and increase your long-term health. Reaching your personal goals with a friend means winning together, a point for each of us.

Up Coming Event

The next event will be in October. Stay tuned!

Did you know? Prioritizing your personal needs can help improve your well-being. Discover the ways that you can benefit from your self-care, for a better you.

Make Health a Priority

 Youth  Self-Care Day

Up Coming Event

The next event will be in October. Stay tuned!

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